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A medical officer is being tested for Ebola in Kansas days after returning from west Africa where he was treating escort boy seriously ill people on a commercial ship.The man from Kansas City, believed to be in his 40s, admitted himself to The University of Kansas Hospital at 6am today suffering from diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and general fatigue – typical symptoms of the deadly virus.As recently as four days ago he was treating patients with similar symptoms in Africa. 
Tests: Dr Lee Norman reveals a man in his 40s at the University of Kansas Hospital is being tested for Ebola after returning from west Africa where he was treating seriously ill patients on board a commercial shipIt comes as Maine Medical Center puts a patient under observation amid fears they have contracted Ebola.The Kansas patient told doctors he did not know of any cases of Ebola on the ship but he had no means of testing for the disease.He is now in isolation as doctors await the results of his blood test, which arrives at 5pm tomorrow.According to the hospitals chief medical officer, Dr Lee Norman, the patient was very weak when he arrived this morning.Norman insists the man does not pose a health risk to other patients and staff, and claims doctors have been heartened by the fact that he shows no signs of hemorrhaging, which is typical in Ebola sufferers.
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The patient is being treated by six medics around the clock. Those health professionals will not treat other patients until he is diagnosed. In Portland, officials said the patient being tested for Ebola started showing symptoms two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, sore throat, muscle pain and headaches.Earlier today, New York Citys Bellevue Hospital cleared two patients of Ebola after they arrived in ER with symptoms similar to sufferers of the deadly disease. Bellevue Hospital spokesman Ian Michaels told MailOnline: There are no patients at Bellevue with Ebola. 
Two possible Ebola patients have been quarantined at New York Citys Bellevue Hospital after falling ill following return from Africa trip, according to reports
Health care workers display protective gear, which hospital staff would wear to protect them from an Ebola virus infection, inside an isolation room as part of a tour of the emergency department of Bellevue Hospital Two patients there this morning were evaluated and it was quickly determined they did not have the virus. Because of the heightened alert, hospitals will be using enhanced scrutiny and an abundance of caution when reviewing questionable cases, and are meticulously following all public health and CDC protocols. He do not specify what the diagnosis of the pair was or what condition they were in.  According to the New York Daily News, the pair are believed to have recently return from a trip to Africa where the latest outbreak has killed more than 4,000 people.It reported EMS crews who dealt with the patients have also been isolated as a precaution.
A sign advising advising those who are showing possible Ebola symptoms is posted in a lobby of New Yorks Bellevue Hospital. The hospital told MailOnline that it is not treating any patients with suspected Ebola BELLEVUE HOSPITAL: NYCS EBOLA INTAKE CENTER Bellevue Hospital Center has been established as NYCs Ebola intake center.Over the past few weeks staff posing as ill patients have been presenting symptoms of the illness in the emergency room and are then isolated and observed. Staff are told at some point through the process that they are dealing with a training case. 
The citys flagship hospital is is kitted out with isolation units prepared to treat up to four patients and has the capacity to facilitate nine other patients if necessary. All such rooms will be secured and guarded by security. Technicians are assembling a lab to exclusively handle Ebola blood tests, keeping samples from contaminating other equipment.If we have a confirmed patient, than those patients will be transferred to Bellevue regardless of where they have presented, said HHC chief medical officer, Dr. Ross Wilson told the New York Post. Hospitals in New York City are as prepared as they possibly can be for Ebola.  Bellevue Hospital has been established as NYCs Ebola intake center.It is kitted out with isolation units prepared to treat up to four patients and has the capacity to facilitate nine other patients if necessary.If the pair had tested positive for the virus, it would be the first case of the disease in New York. Last week a Brooklyn teenager was rushed to the hospital after showing symptoms consistent with Ebola.The 14-year-old boy had a fever and was feeling fluish according to officials.He was brought to Brookdale Hospital where he remains in isolation, although doctors say he does not have the virus. Yesterday a Dallas passenger was removed from an American Airlines flight at Nashville airport after vomiting on board.Passengers reported the person was being sick and possibly having a seizure as Flight 1676 arrived in Nashville at 11:29 p.m. Sunday.There were 140 passengers and five crew members on board – they were held on the runway until the sick passenger could be removed.
The passenger was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center to be assessed, reports WSMV. Officials said they are not concerned about this person having Ebola.We have been advised that the person who had the medical issue had no history of contact with anyone with Ebola in Dallas and had no travel history to Africa, said Brian Todd, public information officer for the Metro Public Health Department.There is no concern that this individual has Ebola and there is no risk to other passengers on the plane.Pair of possible Ebola patients quarantined at New York City’s Bellevue Hospital: sources   – NY Daily News
Bellevue Hospital says patients feared to have Ebola do NOT have the disease – NY Daily News
Passenger from Dallas removed from flight at Nashville airport a – WSMV Channel 4

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Sugary energy drinks may have cost athletes a gold medal at the Olympics, health experts have today claimed.Toothache and sex video bleeding gums affected nearly a fifth of athletes performances at the London 2012 Games, a new study has found.Nagging pains in the mouth could have made the difference between medals by putting athletes off their stride, it said.The survey found porn 18 per cent of top sports men and women complained the state of their teeth had a negative impact on their ability to perform. 
Toothache and bleeding gums could cost athletes the difference between a silver and a gold at the Olympics because nagging pains in the mouth puts them off their stride, health experts have warned (file picture)Nearly half (46.5 per cent) reported they had not visited a dentist in the past year.Saliva helps to protect teeth from decay and erosion, but becoming dehydrated from intense training can lead to a dry mouth, which increases the risk of oral health problems.The amount of energy that athletes need for training often means they have high-carbohydrate diets and regularly use sugary, acidic energy drinks which may also contribute to tooth decay and erosion.
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But simply flossing, knowing how to brush teeth properly, using fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash could provide the same marginal performance gains as expensive physical therapies, dentists advised.The news comes after a study by German researchers published last month, which found the longer athletes exercised, the less saliva they produced and the more alkaline it became.Alkaline saliva works to encourage the growth of plaque bacteria which causes tooth decay, the team explained.For every extra hour of training each week, the study found an increased risk of a person needing fillings, or having decayed or missing teeth.  HOW EXERCISE ROTS YOUR TEETH Hang up your trainers – because exercising could ruin your smile.German researchers found the longer an athlete trains, the more damage they cause to their teeth.They found that the longer athletes exercised, the less saliva they produced and the more alkaline it became.Alkaline saliva works to encourage the growth of plaque bacteria, which causes tooth decay, the team explained.They suggested that running might reduce the enamel-protecting protein found in saliva, meaning even drinking water could lead to tooth erosion. For every extra hour of training each week, the study found an increased risk of a person needing fillings, or having decayed or missing teeth.As part of the study a team of dentists at the University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany examined the teeth of 35 triathletes and 35 non-athletes.   Commenting on the results of the new study, health experts at University College London said dentistry must be given the same priority as other sports sciences to help boost their prowess on the track, field or in the pool.Professor Ian Needleman of the UCL Eastman Dental Institute said: Oral health could be an easy win for athletes, as the oral conditions that can affect performance are all easily preventable.Professional athletes and their teams spend a lot of time and money on ways to marginally improving performance, as this can make all the difference in elite sports.Simple strategies to prevent oral health problems can offer marginal performance gains that require little to no additional time or money.Things like better tooth brushing techniques and higher fluoride toothpastes could prevent the toothache and associated sleeping and training difficulties that can make the crucial difference between gold and silver.We do not want to demonise energy drinks and are not saying that athletes shouldnt be using them.However, people should be aware of the risks to oral health and can take simple measures to mitigate these.He said that water or hypotonic drinks are more suitable for hydration, and told athletes to spit out toothpaste rather than rinsing their mouths out after brushing their teeth.He added: For sports where athletes need a lot of energy drinks, high fluoride toothpastes and mouthrinses should be seriously considered.The advice was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. 
Health experts said sugary energy drinks consumed by athletes might be to blame, and advised that athletes should prioritise oral health in order to boost their performance

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Alexander Gerst really has his head above the clouds.The German astronaut and geophysicist is currently aboard the International Space Station where he bayan escort often takes pictures of the Earth as it whizzes by hundreds of miles below.Mr Gerst particularly likes photographing dramatic shadows eskort bayan cast by cloud formations, as this series of stunning photographs shows. Earlier this week Mr Gerst turned his camera on himself rus escort and took an enviable selfie while he was out fixing a pump during the first U.S. spacewalk since April. Scroll down escort bayan for video 
Looking down on creation: Astronaut Alexander Gerst captures swirling cloud formations from the International Space Station
When day and night meet: In this image, the night sky is in perfect contrast to the daylight which appears to glow as they meet
Selfie star: Earlier this week Mr Gerst took a break from fixing a pump on the space station to take an enviable picture of himself
Mr Gerst, who is also a geophysicist and volcanologist, tests his space suit before venturing out to fix the pump
 On cloud 9: Mr Gerst likes spending his down time photographing dramatic cloud formations, like this scene above
Fish eye time lapse from the International Space Station
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Black band: The night sky forms a tight ribbon around the clouds which blanket the sky, but also dot the horizon in small clusters
Frosty image: The clouds appear like hardened frost on the windscreen of the sky, in this arty photograph 
White wash: The clouds look like ocean spray in this image, left, and seem to coat the earth like a snowy blanket, right
Eye spy: A small country is visible through a keyhole in the cloudy sky which appears like a white moss growing across the skyline 
Hidden peaks: The snowy peaks of a mountain range jut out of the top of a thick cluster of clouds 
Pretty patterns: These gaps in the clouds look like a fishes gills and act as louvres offering a peak down at the earth below
Cupcake in the clouds: A cluster of clouds stands out like a little button amongst a thick blanket which almost covers the sky   

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Shes famous for her love of horses and skiing but it seems Sophie Wessex isnt quite so adept when it child porno comes to bows and arrows.During a visit to a Buckinghamshire rehabilitation centre, she tried her hand at wheelchair archery – escort bayan but managed to miss every time.With barely any shots on target, the Countess was left chuckling ruefully as the top porn scoring servicemen and women being treated at the centre looked on.Scroll down for video   escort
Letting fly: Sophie tried her hand at wheelchair archery for the first time during a visit to Stoke MandevilleThe Countess of Wessex was completing a tour of Stoke Mandeville Stadium in Buckinghamshire when she made her ill-fated foray into archery. 
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Stoke Mandeville is the birthplace of British Paralympic sport, with the rehabilitation centre launched by neurologist Sir Ludwig Guttmann in 1943.Guttman, who arrived in Britain as a penniless Jewish refugee fleeing Nazi Germany, was convinced that sport was key to recovery and his championing of wheelchair sports not only reaped dividends for patient care, it also led to the creation of the Paralympic Games.The stadium, which was built on the site of Guttmans original treatment centre, was opened by the Prince of Wales in 2003 and has since been visited by all senior members of the royal family.Sophie herself was there to launch the stadiums Hall of Fame, which recognises those who have made an extraordinary contribution to British wheelchair sport.
Chocks away! Sophie lets fly with an arrow but things dont go quite as she had hoped…
Missed it! The royal claps her hand to her mouth in dismay before offering watchers a rueful smileA long standing supporter of charities dedicated to disability, along with WheelPower, which runs Stoke Mandeville Stadium, she is also patron of Brainwave, which funds therapy for youngsters with physical difficulties, the Disability Initiative and Dyslexia Action.Speaking about the visit, WheelPower chairman Kevin Baker said: We are delighted to welcome the Countess of Wessex to this special occasion at Stoke Mandeville Stadium.The Hall of Fame is an honour exclusively reserved for the top contributors to British wheelchair sport both past and present.The current names on the board have not only made remarkable achievements on a personal level, they have inspired and facilitated disabled people all over the country to take up sport.
Cuddle: Last week saw her cuddle up to three-month-old Rowan Wilson Jones during a visit to Peterborough
Cheers: Sophie also travelled to RAF Wittering where she was met by children from a local primary school
Sophie Wessex receives flowers from little girl (archive)
The latest additions to the Hall of Fame are all individuals that have dedicated much of their lives to wheelchair sport and their contribution has been invaluable and their names have become synomonous with Stoke Mandeville Stadium and the birthplace of the Paralympic movement.Sophies visit to Stoke Mandeville has come at the end of a busy month of engagements, including one in Margate that saw her delight a wheelchair-bound boy when she gave him a hug.She also joined in the fun at a musical playgroup in Peterborough and spent much of the visit playing with a group of excited toddlers.More is to come, with the Countess scheduled to attend receptions on behalf of the London Press Club and Great Ormond Street Hospital tomorrow, followed by trips to Staffordshire and Birmingham.Her husband, Prince Edward, also has plenty in his diary, starting with trips to Warwickshire and Surrey tomorrow and Friday. TO MOVE BEYOND INJURY IS EXTRAORDINARY: HARRYS TOUCHING TRIBUTE TO UK WOUNDED SERVICEMEN AT THE PRIDE OF BRITAIN AWARDS Clearly still revelling in the extraordinary success of the first ever Invictus Games, Prince Harry paid tribute to the men and women who took part at the Pride of Britain Awards last night.In a speech recorded for the show, he said to fight for your country takes courage but to move beyond life changing injuries takes an extraordinary level of grit and determination before speaking of his admiration for those who managed it.The 30-year-old continued: I can only begin to imagine how challenging the journey to recovery is but the admiration I have for these men and women is limitless. Using the power of sport to enhance recovery, the Invictus Games showed how those who have been wounded should be recognised for their achievements post injury, rather than by being defined for their limitations post-injury. The Invictus Games shone a spotlight on the unconquerable spirit of servicemen and women and their families. Their stories move, inspire and humble me. They are as amazing as they are unique and Im absolutely delighted that the team is recieving this Pride of Britain award.

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More from Harry Redknapps book…   porno porno CLICK HERE to see Harry Redknapps team from the Seventies.Where are Gazzas friends now he needs help? I drove Kenny Dalglish to West Ham training  For 50 years, Harry Redknapp has been one of football’s most colourful and outspoken characters. Now he’s written a book every fan will want to read.In Redknapp’s new book A Man Walks On To a Pitch – serialised exclusively by Sportsmail this week – the QPR manager picks his team of the Eighties.  
Sportsmail can exclusively reveal Harry Redknapps greatest team from the eighties  ALAN HANSEN: LATTER DAY BOBBY MOORENever rushed, always cool, laid back. In the 1978–79 season, Liverpool conceded just 16 goals in 42 matches and kept 28 clean sheets. Hansen reminded me of Bobby Moore. I never saw Bob throw himself into a diving header or make a lunging tackle because he’d seen the danger ages earlier and was in the right place. Hansen was the same.
Alan Hansen was an integral part of the Liverpool team which enjoyed so much success during the eighties
Hansen, pictured with (left to right) Ronnie Rosenthal, Ian Rush, Ronnie Whelan and John Barnes, celebrates winning the First Division title in 1990
Hansens defensive play, seemingly always in the right place, reminded Redknapp of Bobby Moore  PAUL McGRATH: LIVED LIFE TO THE FULL! Ron Atkinson rated him as better than John Terry and Tony Adams — put together. He was a great player, but we probably never saw how good he could have been because of the way he lived his life. What a player he was, but what a player he could have been. He was a big lad; strong, quick, powerful. 
Paul McGrath made over 150 appearances for Manchester United during the eighties and was described by Redknapp as strong, quick and powerful
Former Man United boss Ron Atkinson rated McGrath better than John Terry and Tony Adams – put together READ MORE EXCERPTS FROM REDKNAPPS A MAN WALKS ON TO A PITCH Giggs would have solved Englands problems… he was born to play left wing Wenger heralded a change in English football… he introduced Prozone and scouting reportsRavel Morrison has the class of Bale but his attitude is holding back his talent Vieira and Keane are warriors… they were even prepared to do battle while working on TV!Why Redknapp fears that the English manager is in danger of becoming extinct  Vieira nearly crossed North London to join Spurs… and Suarez was close to signing too Pies in the canteen and throwing teacups at players… the Premier League killed all that!Sportsmails Head of Sport Lee Clayton interviews Redknapp about his new book     GLENN HODDLE: THE GREAT VISIONARYSuch a beautiful footballer. He reminded me a bit of Johnny Haynes. Glenn would hit a pass and everybody would be thinking, ‘How did he see that, how did he know that player was there?’ Glenn had been out of League football for eight years before I took him to QPR – how had we lost a football mind like that? 
Glenn Hoddle was a beautiful footballer and had the ability to pick out passes nobody else could foresee 
Hoddle had been out of League football for eight years before joining Redknapp at QPR as a coach
The front cover of Redknapps new book, A Man Walks On To a Pitch, which is released on or call 0808-272-0808 — p&p is free for a limited time only.
HARRY REDKNAPP: Paul Scholes was better than Roy Keane in Manchester Uniteds midfield and thats…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Pies in the canteen and throwing teacups at players… the Premier League killed all…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Ravel Morrison has the class of Gareth Bale but his attitude is holding back his…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Arsene Wenger heralded a change in English football… he introduced Prozone and…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Ryan Giggs would have solved Englands problems… he was born to play left wing
HARRY REDKNAPP: Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira are two warriors… the former Manchester United and…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira nearly signed for Tottenham…and we almost signed…
HARRY REDKNAPP: Why I fear the English manager is becoming extinct
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HARRY REDKNAPP Arsene Wenger heralded a change in English football | Daily Mail Online
HARRY REDKNAPP: Ravel Morrison has the class of Gareth Bale but his attitude is holding back his talent | Daily Mail Online
HARRY REDKNAPP: Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira are two warriors… the former Manchester United and Arsenal captains were prepared to do battle while working on TV together! | Daily Mail Online
HARRY REDKNAPP: Why I fear the English manager is becoming extinct | Daily Mail Online
HARRY REDKNAPP: Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira nearly signed for Tottenham…and we almost signed Luis Suarez too | Daily Mail Online
HARRY REDKNAPP Pies in the canteen the Premier League killed all that! | Daily Mail Online
Harry Redknapp opens a treasure trove of wonderful football memories in a new book that celebrates icons of the game from Best and Finney to Clough and Shankly | Daily Mail Online
HARRY REDKNAPP: 15-year-old Kenny Dalglish had West Ham stars standing and applauding… then signed for Celtic! | Daily Mail Online
Matt Le Tissier gets in my early Premier League XI ahead of David Beckham – Harry Redknapp | Daily Mail Online
A Man Walks on to a Pitch… : Stories from a Life in Football by Harry Redknapp (9780091955526) | Mail Book Shop
Robertson was the most unlikely professional you could see… but Nottingham Forest man makes my Seventies XI with Keegan and Neal | Daily Mail Online

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Actor Paul Harris has a credit score that is just about as good as you can get.His rating is 529, bayan escort which is a largely meaningless number unless you consider that anything above 466 is fantastic, and the average person in escort the UK has a score of 430.The 71-year-old has never owed a penny to anyone. He has always been a eskort saver, not a borrower. In April, he bought a semi-detached house on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent and paid escort bayan the £250,000 asking price in cash.
What a drag: Actor Paul Harris was refused a phone despite a good credit ratingYet this perfect pensioner has been stumped by the very credit companies that say he is an excellent customer. It left him unable to get so much as a cheap mobile phone deal, and fighting a battle to clear his otherwise unblemished good name.The saga began when Paul visited the EE phone store at the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. 
Your questions answered: Tony Hazell on bills, bad credit and insurance complaints
The smart way to turn your old phone into cash when you upgrade
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Having used a Nokia pay-as-you-go mobile for years, he had decided it was time to upgrade to an iPhone 4s. It would mean taking out a contract costing £26 a month. The EE store – as is common practice – gave him an on-the-spot credit check.He failed. Equifax, the agency which EE uses, had information that meant the store had to class him as a credit risk.‘It was incredibly embarrassing standing in the middle of a busy shop with friends being told I had a bad credit rating. I was mortified,’ says Paul.‘How can a firm I’ve never heard of before defame my character to other companies? It’s disgusting. There is no way I can have a bad credit score. I do not owe a penny of debt. I’ve always been so careful with money.’In fact, Paul had been caught out because he had moved home and, since he has no credit agreements, financial companies hadn’t registered his new address.Every bit of financial information about you is compiled by Britain’s three credit reference agencies – Equifax, Experian and Callcredit.This is a record of everywhere you have lived, every financial contract you’ve had and any missed repayments in the past six years. When you apply for credit with a company, a new energy tariff or mobile phone contract, they can check this file.
Every firm has its own system that analyses the data supplied by the credit firm along with any of its own information about you to decide whether or not you would be a good customer.And it means the credit agencies can seem unaccountable. They say that all they do is compile the information – if it’s wrong or a firm refuses you for credit because they’ve seen something on your file, then that’s not their fault. In Paul’s case the address he gave EE did not match what Equifax had on file.Had he bought his house with a mortgage, the credit file would have updated – but as he didn’t, it still listed his old one.When he returned home, Paul looked into what Equifax thought of his credit score.He searched online for the firm’s website and spent an hour filling in all his details to register for a credit report. He had to supply numerous details before his file was updated.
Mistakes on credit files are a common problem. And the smallest of errors can mean the difference between getting a mortgage or not.Last year the ombudsman saw complaints about credit reference agencies rise 20 per cent to 131.Most problems were about firms placing inaccurate information on people’s files and then not correcting it. In four in ten cases, the ombudsman finds in favour of the customer.
Customers can view a copy of their credit
report for just £2. If you want a better idea of what companies will
think of your information, you can pay extra for a credit score.James Daley, of Fairer Finance, says: ‘There are just three companies with access to everyone’s data – it is a privilege. Making it difficult for customers to access their information is an abuse of this power.‘Your information belongs to you – you own it. You can give permission to companies to use and share it, but ultimately it is yours.‘Firms should be forced to give everyone instant access to their details online free of charge.’If there is a mistake on your file, you should contact the bank or lender concerned and ask them to correct it. The firm then has 28 days to investigate. Inform the credit reference agency, too.If they refuse to alter your report, you can add a 200-word notice of correction next to the black mark explaining your side of events.You can also take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service by calling 0800 023 4567.Equifax has agreed to refund Paul the £14.95 he paid by signing up for a one-off credit score check instead of the company’s free 30-day trial.A spokesperson for Equifax says: ‘We do not make any decisions about whether an individual should be granted credit, we only provide information to lenders.‘Mr Harris appeared not to be on the electoral roll and had not taken out any credit agreements in the past six years. He had only a store card and utility account at his previous address.‘This is why he was also unable to check his credit report online as we, too, could not verify his identity.’After Mr Harris’s record was updated, he finally managed to buy his phone – and this time the transaction went straight through.
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Whenever you find yourself complaining of a cricked neck, aching back or noisy knees, don’t immediately blame your office chair or an over-enthusiastic Zumba class — it could be down to your clothes.Tight trousers and pencil skirts can damage muscles and joints as much as high heels and heavy bags, leaving you in pain. Here, chiropractor Tim Hutchful, from the British Chiropractic Association, highlights the worst wardrobe offenders.
Its a confession thatll resonate with so many caring for ailing loved ones: how frustration with them boils over and you reach . . . SNAPPING POINT
Too many fillers? Or just jet lag? As she plans her return to British TV…What has happened to Nigellas FACE?
Ever wish your darling girl would move back home? Mine did – and it’s all-out war! 
PENCIL SKIRTThe problem with straight sided, slim-fitted skirts is that they clamp your knees together, making it difficult to balance and bend. Squatting to pick something up from a low drawer or shelf becomes difficult, too. ‘The best way to crouch safely is to bend the knees,’ Mr Hutchful says. ‘But, in a pencil skirt your movement is limited. Over time the damage and strain can become cumulative — you might not feel anything straight away, but if you wear tight skirts regularly, you could be setting yourself up for a pulled muscle or even disc problems.’HEAVY NECKLACEThe muscles, tendons and joints of the neck struggle to cope with the strain of balancing the 10 lb to 12 lb weight of the average head (equivalent to five bags of sugar) all day, so adding a heavy necklace can tip the balance.‘Anything that pulls the neck forwards or backwards tips the head away from its point of neutral balance,’ says Mr Hutchful. ‘This can create neck tension, pain and damage, and long-term could encourage a slouched posture with damaging consequences for the back.’SPANXIf it’s not too tight, and contains plenty of Lycra, support underwear can have a surprisingly beneficial effect because it can act like the compression clothing that top athletes wear to improve performance by increasing blood and lymphatic flow.However, wedge yourself into something too constricting and you could be in trouble. Not only will shapewear restrict breathing but, if it is tight enough to limit movement in the middle of your body, it will put abnormal loads on parts of your spine.‘If you restrict movement in one part of the spine, something has to compensate,’ he says. ‘This can trigger pain and ultimately damage in the upper or lower back.’HIGH HEELS Wearing high heels too often can be bad for your feet and bad for your back.As well as triggering hammer toes and bunions, heels can cause the calf muscles to shorten, which can lead to circulation problems, knee damage and back pain.To minimise damage, keep high-heel time short — wear trainers when walking to and from work and stick to a small heel when possible.Also, alternate your shoe wardrobe, wearing different shoes (and heel heights) every   
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